The KTB Spring Must-Haves Beauty Box is Insane(ly Amazing)

What gal (or guy) wouldn't love a boxful of beauty handpicked by a game-changing expert delivered straight to their front door. The KTB Spring Picks Box is just that—a range of the best of Kim Tanner Beauty products we think will perk your spring right up. The line-up contains a straight-up amazing collection of our goods (both full and travel sizes) to help you gear up for the best in summertime fun—and the value is AMAZING.

Selfie Travel Kit (Value $39.95)

ORG Mineral Peel Body (Value $59.95)

Cuccio Mini Butter Blend (Value $8.00)

Cuccio Sanitizable Stainless Steel File Intro Kit (Value $15.00)

CINA Selfie Nail Art (Value $5.00)

Morgan Taylor Nail Polish (Value $15.00)

AMIKA Travel Kit (60ml Triple Rx Conditioner, 100ml Balancing Shampoo, 100ml Hydrate Conditioner, 20ml Triple Rx Mask, 60ml Nourishing Mask, 1oz Perk Up Dry Conditioner, 1oz Silken Up Dry Conditioner, 1oz Undone Texture Spray, 1oz Wizard, Amika travel bag.) Value $70.00

BONUS: 30ml Thank You Farmer Back to Iceland Cleansing Water, Sample sachet of Thank You Farmer True Water Deep Serum, Light Gel Cream, Deep Cream. Sample sachet of COSRX Moisturizing Honey Overnight Mask,Advanced Snail All in One Cream, Nourishing Rice Overnight Spa Mask,Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence, BHA Blackhead Power Liquid.


Total Value of Box: $180.00

Cost for Box: $69.00 plus shipping

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Who Needs a Tan? Everyone, Obviously

Since at KTB, we are literally huge fans, not to mention users of all of our products, it's easy to think of our opinions as fact. Reality check. There are actually millions of people and some very influential bloggers and beauty world experts who are as obsessed as we are. Leah Flavell of the blog Devoted to Pink is one such girl. She tested a range of Selfie's exceptionally effortless and results-oriented line of self tanners and was as impressed as we were. Check out her review here.

And to create your very own BB cream with the brand's line, simply mix a drop of your favourite moisturizer, a drop of Bio Oil (available at any drugstore) and our secret weapon – a drop of Selfie Tan ‘n Go Instant Facial Moisturizer. Blend the three ingredients well and apply to clean skin for a fresh and luminous complexion all day long. Because we love your skin. xx

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What is a Blackhead and HOW Do I Get Rid of Them? Call COSRX

Ugh. Blackheads. The completely icky little spots that are all but stopping us from having perfect complexions. Naturally we set about trying to find products that would get rid of the pesky dots and leave skin smooth and blemish-free.

Blackheads are tiny bumps that appear on skin as a result of clogged hair follicles. These bumps are called “blackheads” because the surface looks dark or black and are considered a mild type of acne that usually forms on the face, but may also appear on the back, chest, neck, arms, and shoulders.

COSRX’ Silk Finger Balls are an entirely new kind of innovation. The 100% natural silk cocoons help to clarify skin, adding suppleness while clearing dirt and grime away. They contain natural protein Sericin, which works to remove blackheads and dead skin cells. We tried these strange delights—and really loved them. They’re affordable, they work and we love how super gentle and unique they are. Thumbs up (obviously). xx

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Thank You Farmer (Really)

Oh Thank You Farmer, how we love thee. The Back to Iceland Peeling Cream is another completely addictive product we can’t live without. Made from Icelandic moss extract (found in the wild, growing under extreme temps and impossibly difficult to harvest) and plant derived cellulose ingredients to support healthy cell turnover, the cream also exfoliates without a hint` of tightness or dryness. Skin becomes hydrated and feels refreshed and soothed. Dead skin cells are banished and vitality is regained—essential for a beautiful complexion.

Thank You Farmer’s Peeling Cream is made in Korea and can also be used as a spot treatment to combat acne (in the T zone areas). Use two to three times weekly. Get glowing.

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It's been awhile since we've stopped to appreciate the excellence, quality and efficacy that IS O.R.G. This brand is one of our mainstays, and always there for us when our skin needs a little pick me up. Cult favourite product Mineral Peel Face is obsessed over for so many reasons (and the glow is just one of them). It's the first natural, spray-on skin and makeup prep exfoliant ever (really) which is brilliant in and of itself, but it's also full of all-natural ingredients like milk thistle and licorice root (to brighten) and Aloe vera, Jojoba oil, and Mugwort extract (to moisturize). 

A few sprays and the Mineral Peel’s all-natural enzyme formula extracts (years and years of) dermal debris and dead skin within seconds for instantly smoother, softer, radiant skin, and more even tone. It even creates the perfect canvas for flawless makeup application (no more cakey and dull makeup for us). Best of all, the peel is so gentle and non-abrasive, it can be used daily. Those Koreans are GENIUS at skincare.

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