Create Your Own BB Cream (it’s Extra Easy)

As mentioned (only a dozen times) in posts before this, at KTB we are obsessed (to infinity) with the perfect skincare regime. We have the most amazing lines for a clear and glow-y epidermis and have been experimenting in trying to create the perfect at-home BB cream. After multiple tries, success!

Our DIY version of the makeup staple is super simple and cost-effective. Of course, we definitely suggest cleansing and exfoliation with O.R.G Oxygen Cleanser and Mineral Peel Face before application for the best, most radiant results.

Mix a drop of your favourite moisturizer, a drop of Bio Oil (available at any drugstore) and our secret weapon – a drop of Selfie Tan ‘n Go Instant Facial Moisturizer. Blend the three ingredients well and apply to clean skin for a fresh and luminous complexion all day long. xx

Selfie Tan 'n Go and O.R.G. collection available here.

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