Get Me Some Honey, Stat

Well, we promised to test drive every mask, and we’ve started (what a tough life) with COSRX’ Ultimate Honey Moisturizing Overnight Mask. And can we just casually say…it’s AMAZING. Glow-y, clear, soft skin after one use, it was almost transformative. We immediately started to wonder why, so we looked straight into the ingredient list (standard practice at KTB), and it’s 85%….honey (propolis, really with some beeswax for good measure).

Turns out raw honey has skincare super powers in spades, thanks to heaps of antioxidants and antibacterial properties. Hence the reason for this mask’s exceptional results (really, I’ve been complimented on my skin twice today). Raw honey (and it must be raw, no bear bottles allowed) can help fight acne, and slow down aging courtesy of the aforementioned antibacterial/ antioxidant count, it soothes and moisturizes to create sought-after luminosity, and it’s ultra clarifying to assist in unclogging pores. Isn’t nature the best?

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