Olive Oil - Not Just for Salad Anymore

At KTB, we know that olive oil is good for more than just salad, but we didn’t know exactly how amazing it is for our faces (and bodies). Used by ancient Mediterranean peoples to treat troubled skin, the main ingredient in the 7 Wonders Mediterranean Olive Brightening Mask lights up a dull or tired surface, working to even tone for a healthy, bright complexion. Rich in good fats and antioxidant Vitamin E, olive oil also assists in combating free radicals and repairs existing environmental damage, it doesn’t clog pores and (in lots of cases) moisturizes better than commercial products.

This mask takes all of these benefits and soaks them into a sheet that when applied, smooths and soothes skin, hydrates (really) deeply, evens and helps conceal dark spots, and generally leaves the face looking and feeling like a million. It’s our new fav twenty minute fix for the winter blahs.

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