Sheet Masks Before Big Events? Just Ask the Gals at the Golden Globes

If the rich and famous are any indication, sheet masks will be a top 2017 beauty ritual. The hours leading up to the Globes was replete with endless Instas of award ceremony prep. One thing we immediately picked up on were sheet masks galore (on attendees, nominees and winners). Single use masks can rescue, minimize pores, soothe, hydrate, brighten, and fight aging and environmental factors in as little as twenty minutes - so they're completely perfect for big events.

The face-hugging cloth is saturated with skin-saving ingredients and laid on the skin for set amount of time, it increases penetration, so concentrated nutrients delve deep into the skin; sealing in the active serums help the ingredients work more effectively. Perfect for when you just want to look and feel AMAZING (just ask Emma, Drew, Jessica and Julia).

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