Sheet Masks - Let Me Just Put On My Face

Sheet masks have been a vital Korean skincare staple for well over a decade (they are so on top of things over there), it’s just taken the rest of the planet a bit of time to catch up. Since KTB is the go-to for the very best in Korean skincare, it’s only natural that we’ve discovered exactly how amazing these masks can be.  The single use masks can rescue, minimize pores, soothe, hydrate, brighten, and fight aging and environmental factors in as little as twenty minutes.

The premise is actually obvious. A face-hugging cloth is saturated with skin-saving ingredients and laid on the skin for set amount of time. The benefits to using a sheet are ten kinds of genius – the cloth increases penetration, so they deliver concentrated nutrients deep into the skin; sealing in the active serums help the ingredients work more effectively. They’re also ideal for travel (tons of skin smart people use them in the air), to target specific issues quickly, and when you just want to look and feel AMAZING. We've been testing them one by one... stay tuned.

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