Sheet Masks Before Big Events? Just Ask the Gals at the Golden Globes

If the rich and famous are any indication, sheet masks will be a top 2017 beauty ritual. The hours leading up to the Globes was replete with endless Instas of award ceremony prep. One thing we immediately picked up on were sheet masks galore (on attendees, nominees and winners). Single use masks can rescue, minimize pores, soothe, hydrate, brighten, and fight aging and environmental factors in as little as twenty minutes - so they're completely perfect for big events.

The face-hugging cloth is saturated with skin-saving ingredients and laid on the skin for set amount of time, it increases penetration, so concentrated nutrients delve deep into the skin; sealing in the active serums help the ingredients work more effectively. Perfect for when you just want to look and feel AMAZING (just ask Emma, Drew, Jessica and Julia).

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Olive Oil - Not Just for Salad Anymore

At KTB, we know that olive oil is good for more than just salad, but we didn’t know exactly how amazing it is for our faces (and bodies). Used by ancient Mediterranean peoples to treat troubled skin, the main ingredient in the 7 Wonders Mediterranean Olive Brightening Mask lights up a dull or tired surface, working to even tone for a healthy, bright complexion. Rich in good fats and antioxidant Vitamin E, olive oil also assists in combating free radicals and repairs existing environmental damage, it doesn’t clog pores and (in lots of cases) moisturizes better than commercial products.

This mask takes all of these benefits and soaks them into a sheet that when applied, smooths and soothes skin, hydrates (really) deeply, evens and helps conceal dark spots, and generally leaves the face looking and feeling like a million. It’s our new fav twenty minute fix for the winter blahs.

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The Art of Exfoliation with O.R.G.

Skincare obsessives are seriously clued into to their routines and which factors affect their epidermis day to day. One of the most significant (and difficult) lessons we've learned is that different weather (and seasons) call for different regimes. For the good of our faces, we’re determined to master the art of exfoliation, and the skin-saving product to help us effortlessly slough off dead skin and other (gross) dermal debris? O.R.G. of course. The cult Mineral Peels (one for face and one for body) are the most gentle and crazy effective of any one we’ve tried.

The Mineral Peel is the first all natural enzyme exfoliant that removes dirt and surface layers to reveal softer, smoother, more radiant (it contains brightening agents) skin, and can be used more frequently than traditional peels since it’s as gentle as can be.

Here are a few best practices when it comes to exfoliation…

Exfoliating 2 – 3 times per week makes a difference (on average). The colder and drier the season, the less you should exfoliate.

Use exfoliants in the evening, before bed and serums – it allows products to penetrate more deeply.

Avoid exfoliating scrubs with large, or harsh particles, as they can be damaging to skin (exactly why we adore O.R.G.).

Always wear sunscreen if heading out after exfoliating (in fact, always wear sunscreen no matter what).

*O.R.G. Mineral Peels are available here.

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Get Me Some Honey, Stat

Well, we promised to test drive every mask, and we’ve started (what a tough life) with COSRX’ Ultimate Honey Moisturizing Overnight Mask. And can we just casually say…it’s AMAZING. Glow-y, clear, soft skin after one use, it was almost transformative. We immediately started to wonder why, so we looked straight into the ingredient list (standard practice at KTB), and it’s 85%….honey (propolis, really with some beeswax for good measure).

Turns out raw honey has skincare super powers in spades, thanks to heaps of antioxidants and antibacterial properties. Hence the reason for this mask’s exceptional results (really, I’ve been complimented on my skin twice today). Raw honey (and it must be raw, no bear bottles allowed) can help fight acne, and slow down aging courtesy of the aforementioned antibacterial/ antioxidant count, it soothes and moisturizes to create sought-after luminosity, and it’s ultra clarifying to assist in unclogging pores. Isn’t nature the best?

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COSRX - A New Standard in Skincare

Artisanal isn’t a word that immediately comes to mind when one thinks of cosmetics and skincare, but Korean skincare guru COSRX is about to change that. With minimal focus (and money) on over-the-top packaging or marketing, and a maximum placed on high efficacy components (AHA/ BHA), this is a targeted line that takes their promises seriously. The supreme quality is based on ultra rigorous testing over ten years, resulting in a PH-balanced range of high-performance products (with short, ambitious ingredient lists) for different skin types that deliver on their commitment to a new, higher standard in skincare – at a fair price.

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