Spa at Home – The COSRX Ultimate Nourishing Rice Overnight Spa Mask

Spa quality treatments at home are definitely something we can all get behind. Enter COSRX’ Ultimate Nourishing Rice Overnight Spa Mask. They’re not kidding when they promise fine ingredients (trust us, we check). Containing 65% rice extract among other natural elements, the nutrient rich overnight mask brightens, hydrates, and nourishes skin overnight for a soft, beautiful complexion that even eight straight hours can’t compete with.

Rice contains a unique range of minerals and vitamins (and antioxidants, and anti-inflammatories) that work to make skin softer and smoother, even tone and improve elasticity - for skin that’s transformed from dull to radiant. The formula is ultra gentle, safe, and confidence booster if there ever was one. Hold that head up high.

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Sheet Masks - Let Me Just Put On My Face

Sheet masks have been a vital Korean skincare staple for well over a decade (they are so on top of things over there), it’s just taken the rest of the planet a bit of time to catch up. Since KTB is the go-to for the very best in Korean skincare, it’s only natural that we’ve discovered exactly how amazing these masks can be.  The single use masks can rescue, minimize pores, soothe, hydrate, brighten, and fight aging and environmental factors in as little as twenty minutes.

The premise is actually obvious. A face-hugging cloth is saturated with skin-saving ingredients and laid on the skin for set amount of time. The benefits to using a sheet are ten kinds of genius – the cloth increases penetration, so they deliver concentrated nutrients deep into the skin; sealing in the active serums help the ingredients work more effectively. They’re also ideal for travel (tons of skin smart people use them in the air), to target specific issues quickly, and when you just want to look and feel AMAZING. We've been testing them one by one... stay tuned.

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Why Thank You Farmer - Simple. We Like Our Skincare with a Side of Honesty

Thank You Farmer is a completely fitting title for this brand, who base their skincare line on honesty and integrity – with no false promises or gimmick-y marketing in sight. Named for the most noble of workers, and founded in 2014, this Korean brand features a full range including cleanse, repair, moisture, sun and tools – all crafted from fine and natural ingredients. They sincerely believe that using good products regularly will help skin restore natural strength, balance and slow the aging of cells. Health and beauty naturally and gradually without burdening the skin – this is the promise of THANK YOU FARMER.

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Create Your Own BB Cream (it’s Extra Easy)

As mentioned (only a dozen times) in posts before this, at KTB we are obsessed (to infinity) with the perfect skincare regime. We have the most amazing lines for a clear and glow-y epidermis and have been experimenting in trying to create the perfect at-home BB cream. After multiple tries, success!

Our DIY version of the makeup staple is super simple and cost-effective. Of course, we definitely suggest cleansing and exfoliation with O.R.G Oxygen Cleanser and Mineral Peel Face before application for the best, most radiant results.

Mix a drop of your favourite moisturizer, a drop of Bio Oil (available at any drugstore) and our secret weapon – a drop of Selfie Tan ‘n Go Instant Facial Moisturizer. Blend the three ingredients well and apply to clean skin for a fresh and luminous complexion all day long. xx

Selfie Tan 'n Go and O.R.G. collection available here.

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